This is the largest area of need for Peace Corps countries. Education Volunteers team-teach or directly teach English, health, literacy, math, and science. Education Volunteers strengthen local capacity by training and mentoring teachers in primary and secondary schools, teacher training colleges, and universities. Volunteers work with teachers to improve participatory teaching methodologies, inclusion practices, classroom management, authentic assessments, parental involvement, and gender equality in the classroom. They also create after-school programs, clubs, and camps for boys and girls to promote HIV/AIDS prevention and life skills.

In Their Own Words

Volunteer Stories

From Hawaii to Benin

Peace Corps was the ultimate cross-cultural experience. Learning new cultures was really my main goal. I didn't go in with arrogant ideas of saving native villagers from themselves by teaching them the American way of doing things. I wanted to learn and experience what they could teach me. When I was posted in a small bush village in Benin, I was thrilled thinking that I got exactly what I wanted-a remote place with optimal opportunity for cultural immersion.

Dana Miller, Benin